4 Common Misconceptions of App Development

27th August 2020

As the curious humans that we are, we’ve seen and heard our fair share of misinformed opinions and ideas regarding app development. Therefore we feel it’s our duty to debunk some of those myths and answer a few of your frequently asked questions. 

Misconception #1: Building an app should cost the same amount as building a website 

So we’re starting with what is often the most difficult subject: the cost. Here at Cuhu it is in our ethos to be realistic and candid throughout the whole development process, from initial conversations to completion. This means being completely transparent with our pricing. 

App development is a complex process, and it must be considered an investment. App development often requires more time and effort than website development and the cost will reflect this. Where initial website development with a web designer comes with upfront costs up to £10,000, the cost of our previous projects has ranged between £15,000 – £90,000, with design and development included. Social apps tend to sit at the lower end of this bracket, and retail apps at the upper. 

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Misconception #2: Apps are just website replicas

The cost of developing a website and an app are vastly different, and the purpose should be too. An app can not just be an app-shaped cut out of your website. 

The initial app does not need to be multi-functional or overly-elaborate. Instead it should serve a unique purpose to your website and offer your target market something different. A successful app appreciates and understands its niche and therefore should not replicate what already exists. 

If you are unable to pinpoint a unique purpose for your app, we can help you with that. We’ll also be 100% honest when we feel like you may not necessarily need an app for your business and guide you with your other options. 

Misconception #3: App development is a one-time job 

In order for an app to be successful and continue to be so, you need to recognise that the development process does not stop once the app has launched. You must work to maintain an app. This includes upgrades, testing, fixing compatibility issues and ongoing development. 

Updating your app and fixing bugs in response to user reviews will inevitably prolong your app’s growth and success. Therefore choosing an app developer that is able to offer the support to do so will undoubtedly extend your app’s lifecycle and maintain user loyalty. 

However, good things don’t come for free. At Cuhu we ensure that app maintenance and cost is discussed with all clients before the development process for full transparency. 

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Misconception #4: Native apps are the only option 

A native app is a software application built in a specific programming language, for the specific device platform. In most cases, for either iOS or Android. Whilst native apps are popular, they are most definitely not the only option. In fact, the team at Cuhu are experts in building Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Hybrid apps, two alternative options. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are built from the web technologies we all know and love, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Recently, PWAs have gained popularity as a quicker-to-build alternative to Native apps whilst still being able to offer the same features, such as push notifications, offline support, and much more.

Furthermore, Hybrid apps are a blend, hence the name hybrid, of both native and web solutions. The core of the application is written using web technologies, which are then encapsulated within a native application. With hybrid apps, you can create an app for suitable for multiple platforms all at once.

In conclusion…

Developing an app is a complex thing. It is something that takes time and effort and finding the right developer for your particular app is crucial. Even more so, it is important to find the developer that’ll support you through the entire development journey.  This is something we can always promise at Cuhu.

If you have a project or idea in mind that you’d like to explore, get in touch today. 

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