All You Need To Know About 5G

14th August 2020

Earlier this year we predicted the ‘Hottest Tech Trends of 2020,’ and with constant coverage in the news, 5G was bound to be one. Amongst the many conspiracy theories, it can be hard to understand what is true or false about the 5G rollout. So here’s what you need to know about what 5G is and what it may mean for you and your business.

What exactly is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks.  It is simply the next generation of mobile internet connection, following 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G.

5G is designed to do a variety of things that can transform our lives, including giving us faster download speeds, low latency, and more capacity and connectivity for billions of devices — especially in the areas of virtual reality (VR), the IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI).

So how can you use 5G?

For those looking to take advantage of 5G for faster internet and greater upload and download speeds, your mobile device must be 5G ready. Whilst 5G has indeed already been rolled out across multiple mobile networks, compatible handsets are not widely available just yet. 

EE was the first network to launch 5G in the UK on May 30, 2019, Vodafone 5G went live on July 3 and O2 followed up with an October 17, 2019 5G launch in the UK. We’ve also seen 5G launches from BT Mobile on October 11, 2019 and Sky Mobile on January 16, 2020. You can check if, or when, 5G coverage is available in your area (UK) here.

Whilst a few of Samsung and Huawei’s latest handset releases are 5G ready, Apple are yet to follow suit. Recent CNN reports suggest that Apple will be rolling out 5G with their iPhone 12 release. 

What does 5G mean for the future?

The widespread availability of 5G will truly transform tech. Ian Fogg from OpenSignal told BBC, “Whatever we do now with our smartphones we’ll be able to do faster and better.” 

“Think of smart glasses featuring augmented reality, mobile virtual reality, much higher quality video, the internet of things making cities smarter.”

Once 5G is fully operational, there will be no need for any kind of cable or wire to deliver entertainment or communications service to your mobile device. If everything works, 5G would be the optimum solution for the people who want to stream 8K video in a flash and also wish to download feature-length movies in a matter of seconds. With 5G speeds and connectivity, consumers would be able to crystal-clear video calls and enjoy graphics-rich mobile games without having to deal with lag. 5G will provide almost-endless possibilities. 

More importantly, what could 5G mean for your business?

5G tech is still a work in progress but it’s set to enhance enterprise connections dramatically. It will also power emerging AI technology, and transform IoT sensors in the years to come. Mondo suggests that “learning how investing in and anticipating 5G tech will change the way your business communicates with consumers, integrates new technologies, and analyses big data.” 

Fast 5G networks with low latencies and high connection densities will improve existing mobile experiences. In due course, it’ll also enable new use cases. For many industries, including software development, this is a huge opportunity for larger-scale digital transformation. 

But let’s not forget that a broader, faster network may also bring greater risk. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for new, sophisticated ways to attack. They’ll naturally take advantage of 5G’s promise. 

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