October’s App of the Month: BorrowMyDoggy

2nd October 2020

So just like that, it’s October. And this month’s ‘App of the Month’ has been chosen by Marketing Manager, Emilia. Emilia is a total dog lover and this app connects her with local dog owners who are looking for help to look after their own. October’s App of the Month is ‘BorrowMyDoggy.’

So what is BorrowMyDoggy?

BorrowMyDoggy is an app that connects local dog owners with trusted borrowers to help look after their dog. The success of the app relies on the community having just one thing in common; the love of dogs. 

For dogs, owners or dog lovers alike, BorrowMyDoggy is a win-win situation. Dogs receive more exercise, one-on-one attention and, mostly importantly, love. The owners get peace of mind knowing their doggy is being taken care of by someone who loves dogs as much as they do, rather than for a profit. And the borrowers get to enjoy time with their favourite animals – for free! Spending time with a dog doesn’t just improve your physical health, but it’s proven to help your mental wellbeing too; it’s an app beneficial to all. 

What notable features does the app have?

First things first, the BorrowMyDoggy app is currently only available on iOS but Android users, fret not, their website is fully mobile responsive too. Although, all users have to sign up and create an account on the website before being able to use the app anyway. This is slightly inconvenient but it looks like they could be working on that…

The app itself is simple but it very much serves its purpose. Once you’ve signed up, you can use the app to search for dogs or borrowers in your local area. You can manually set your location or utilise your mobile phone’s location function. You can also easily adjust your filters and availability to make sure you find a match that suits your requirements.

And for those that have a Premium subscription, you can use the app to message other members and arrange meet ups to learn more about one another. It’s great to see BorrowMyDoggy providing the platform and encouraging owners and borrowers to get to know each other before a dog is taken care of by another dog lover. 

Here’s Dottie, the dog that Emilia regular looks after and met through BorrowMyDoggy

The final verdict?

Emilia gives BorrowMyDoggy a 4 star rating. The concept is great and the app works as it should. The only suggestion for a 5 star rating would be to introduce a community or chat feature that is available to those using the free version. 

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