Tesla introduces video games into car displays
5th August 2019

If you haven’t seen the interior of a Tesla, then you are missing out. It looks like an iPad. Of course, it isn’t an iPad, but a very well-designed infotainment system built into the car. The touch screen allows you to access all driver controls within the car. Including adjusting the air conditioning, music and, as of late last year, play old school video games.

Tesla’s version 9 software update successfully gave drivers of the Model 3, S and X the ability to play classic Atari games on the interactive touchscreen. This may sound dangerous, but don’t worry it is only playable when the car in is ‘park’, eliminating any game rage collisions. Playable games include Tempest, Asteroids and Mission Command. However, Elon Musk isn’t stopping there, he announced 2 weeks ago that more games were to come thanks to the successful porting of Unity and Unreal game engines.

Judging by social media, Tesla drivers over the world are enjoying the new software update whilst stuck in standstill traffic and waiting for children to finish school! Games can be enjoyed by using the touchscreen, steering wheel or your own Xbox or PlayStation controller, so there is more than one way to play.

‘Cuphead’ will be added to the Tesla infotainment system this summer

Musk announced this week that the popular ‘Cuphead’ game will be rolled out into the interior displays and will join the selection of playable games amongst the Atari selection. As one of Elon Musk’s favourite games, he was thoroughly excited to announce its incorporation with Tesla and a lot of people are already excited about it being rolled out this summer. First released on Xbox one and PC, Cuphead was ported to Nintendo Switch earlier this year. However, Cuphead will only be playable with a USB controller. Due to the game being notoriously difficult and the fact it requires precision, it will not be playable via the touchscreen.

Elon Musk has also shown an interest in using the steering wheel for racing games. It’s yet to be confirmed if there is anything in the pipeline, but he has confirmed on Twitter that he did approach Nintendo to see if they could incorporate Mario Kart, but they declined his offer. So, there may be some waiting before we see any racing games added to Tesla’s inventory!