App of the month – The History of Everything
10th July 2019

My most used monthly apps are the same as most people. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. However, there has been an app that I’ve been loving recently. I’m not using it every day, but I’ve found it to come in quite handy at parties, when you’re watching a documentary and want a bit of extra info or when I’m just pondering a question I want to know the answer to.

I thoroughly enjoy history. I constantly want to learn more about everything from the prehistoric era to WW2. I recently came across an app that provides me with the exact amount of information I require when I want to find out more about these things. Not an overwhelming amount like Wikipedia, just enough info that you think ‘oh that’s answered my question’. The app is ‘The history of everything’.

This app is very aesthetically pleasing and is categorised into three sections, ‘Birth of the Universe’, ‘Life on earth’ and ‘Common era’. They are all displayed on a timeline and by clicking on an event it will take you to more information about it.

Why do I think it’s great?

I often think most people are aware that the big bang was ‘about a billion years ago’, but no one really knows the timescales in which the big bang happened and that of when other planets were born, and life was created in relation to each other. Generally, we seem to think all these amazing experiences happened ‘about billion years ago’.

The timeline displays clearly when each event happened in relation to each other and is great when you just want a quick bit of info. Of course, you could just type into Google, ‘when was the sun created?’ to find your answer. However, with that comes a lot of scrolling through different options to find your answer. Whereas a clear timeline all in one place with facts is ideal. I can tell you now just by opening my app that the big bang happened 13.8 billion years ago, and the sun was born 4.6 billion years ago. A huge gap between the two!

Why do I think it should be app of the month?

This app isn’t overly well known and hasn’t had many downloads and I think it deserves more credit and attention! If you love history and want to find out information in a more streamlined and simple way other than typing your question in the Google search bar and scrolling through a load of options then I think this app is great! I’ve genuinely learnt a lot from it. I also think it looks great. I love my apps to look like art, and I think the imagery and design used for this app are fantastic. However, I wish they did have more information on other topics, as there is so much more they could add to the timeline, but I suppose that will come with time.