What is a High Fidelity Prototype?

A high fidelity prototype is a visual example that looks like a real app, it demonstrates the app’s functionality in a tangible interactive product, however it does not contain working code. It differs from a static prototype in the sense that it features clickable links, responds to user actions, resembles live software and is far more in depth and accurate. A high fidelity prototype is a great way to gain user feedback, test user experience and UI components.

How does the High Fidelity App Prototyping service work?

We know how much of a big investment an app can be, and we’re sure you want to get it right the first time round! That’s why our app prototyping service is ideal if you want more reassurance before you invest fully in the development of your app. A high fidelity prototype is also a substantial asset to bring along to your pitch to investors. Investors will be much more likely to buy into your idea if they can see an interactive example of your end product.

Our team of digital project managers, designers and developers will work with you to establish what essential functionality to include in your app, and create a high fidelity prototype that you can test and play around with. This will involve workshopping the idea itself and delving into your business objectives, identifying your target consumers and what they would like from the app, as well as making sure the app makes sense from a usability perspective.

A high fidelity app prototype is a great way to identify any issues early on, demonstrate your idea to investors, and an opportunity for you to decide if you want to make any changes to the apps design or features before committing to development.

Benefits of our High Fidelity App Prototyping service

  • You will receive a working, high fidelity interactive example of your app to test
  • Your prototype will help you generate user feedback 
  • Your prototype will help to identify any changes and essential functionality early on
  • You will have a tangible product to help you pitch to investors or stakeholders
  • You will get a feel of what your product may look like before committing to full development of your app.

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