Why develop an app?

At Cuhu, we believe that an app has the ability to push your company to the next level. Whether it’s helping to establish your brand or the next breakthrough idea, we’re here for you.

We’ll not only help you develop your app, we’ll ensure you get the best functionality from it and feel at ease throughout the whole process.

It's not as easy as just 'developing an app'.

We specialise in Hybrid and Progressive Web Apps.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps use web technology, but when used, they look and feel like an app. It’s best to think of PWAs as a midway point between websites and a native app.  And PWAs are growing in popularity; big brands like Twitter, Debenhams and Forbes are starting to use them.

PWAs are reliable, fast and engaging. They’re usually quicker to develop, cost less to create than a native app, and they’re also normally easier to update and maintain. Another benefit of PWAs is that unlike native apps, they aren’t designed for a specific device or platform, which means you aren’t limiting yourself.

The only thing to be aware of is that PWAs are not available to download in app stores, so you’ll need to guide users on how to add the app onto their devices. 

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are exactly that. A cross between web and native apps. 

Hybrid apps combine a lot of the positives from both native and web, and hybrids have very few drawbacks.

Because hybrid apps can be used across different software and platforms, it can keep costs and development time down, as you aren’t building different native apps. Hybrid apps are used across plenty of companies that you’ll recognise: Gmail, Instagram and Evernote to name a few.  

Let's discuss what option is best for you.

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