Cross-platform capability

Web apps allow users over different operating systems to use the same version of applications; they don’t need to be installed; they can be accessed on desktops, laptops and mobile; can be used across multiple browsers; and give your users a great, responsive experience.

Easily manageable

With the option for Content Management Systems, and only needing to be updated on one platform, web apps are highly adaptable and easily manageable. This gives you control over the content of your web app.

What is web development?

You may have heard the terms ‘web development’ and ‘web app’ being used when looking at development options. But what’s the difference? Well, truth is, there’s a lot of crossovers. The main distinction is that web apps usually refer to web-based software that has similar functionality to that of an app, such as Facebook or Google Drive. Web development can refer to website development, backend systems development, or the web app development mentioned above.

Our web apps are usually written as a single-page application (SPA). What that means is that the page interacts with the user by rewriting the current page rather than loading a whole new one. The whole SPA is loaded from the server when the page loads, meaning they’re quicker to load, providing better user experience.

When we use the term ‘web development’, we are usually referring to a desktop-first web app. We often build these for clients who need cloud-based software or require an admin panel to manage the content on their native apps.

Are there any considerations?

As with all tech stacks, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Because web apps are accessed in a browser, you’ll always need internet access to use it. 

Also, one of web apps strengths can be a potential weakness. As not everyone uses the same browser, we’ll need to make sure we build the web app to be compatible with a variety of browsers.

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