What is Caribou?

Caribou offers affordable and reliable parcel delivery and courier services across the globe. Their mission is to their customer and making their life easier. To offer the best customer experience possible, there was a need for an efficient real time delivery app for their drivers. To develop the idea and to make it happen, Caribou approached Cuhu to be their technology partner.

Cuhu worked closely to the given brief and ensured these four main features were implemented.

Route planning

Using the Drivers App on their phone, Caribou drivers are able to scan the barcode on parcels to be delivered that day. Once all of the parcels have been scanned, the fastest delivery route is worked out to optimise the drivers time and reduce dead mileage.

Driver tracking

Once the driver is out for delivery, both Caribou and their customers are able to track the driver in real time. This is possible via GPS tracking information captured by the Drivers App. Tracking events are also pushed to the Caribou website throughout every step of the process, including, Collection, Scan on/off vans, Warehouse Sorting, Delivery statuses and more.

Proof of delivery

Once the driver arrives to make a delivery, they have all of the information they need to deliver a parcel via the Drivers App. If necessary, the driver is able to capture electronic proof of delivery, including the recipient’s signature or a photo of the safe location the parcel was left.  All deliveries made by a driver are automatically time, date and GPS stamped by the Drivers App.

Offline mode

Connectivity cannot always be guaranteed as drivers are out on the road making their deliveries. For this reason, all functionality performed by the Drivers App, including proof of delivery, can be performed without a network connection.

Moving forward…

Caribou are currently field testing the Drivers App with their drivers. With Caribou’s progressive thinking, it is inevitable that there will be a consistent rollout of new features to the Drivers App, making their job that little bit easier.


Cuhu has done a fantastic job with our new app. They thought through all the different problems around delivery and we were kept informed and up to date continuously throughout the process. I'd highly recommend them!

- Dave Antrobus, Technology Director, Caribou