What is Orpheus?

Orpheus Mind Technologies approached us with a vision; to blend audio and technology together to combat negative emotions, compulsions and phobias. Orpheus is an app that uses customised audio tracks to help users switch off their negative emotions. Different modules are catered to different anxieties, addictions and negative emotions. Ranging from alcohol destroyer modules through to flying anxiety, Orpheus is a digital solution that improves the overall mental wellbeing of its users. 

A PWA that harnesses the power of audio

The initial dilemma was to figure out which type of software would best suit the clients needs and expectations. After presenting Orpheus Mind Technologies with a variety of options that would fit their feature requirements, we decided the best option would be a PWA. This was due to the fact users wouldn’t need to download the app using up precious storage space as the PWA will run in their browser. The PWA won’t have to conform to the strict App and Play Store requirements, meaning their app can have more free reign with creativity and development. The PWA was also a powerful enough and cost effective option to support the wide range of features the MVP, and ultimately the final product, would include.

Inbuilt features

The final product for Orpheus boasts numerous features. The PWA has a variety of different audio modules to choose from, including exam stress, smoking, alcohol and many more, as well as an offline mode that gives users the ability to download tracks to use offline. Other features include questionnaires, the option to switch between dark and light mode, data capture, a subscription service and video streaming. 

The result

Our development and design team succeeded in delivering Orpheus Mind Technologies a finished PWA, with an accompanying marketing site to showcase their product. After a successful app launch, Orpheus has gone from an idea to improve mental health, to a solution that is challenging the healthcare industry. Currently undergoing trials with healthcare providers and leading organisations, Orpheus is a perfect example of how technology can be used for good.

Check out the app here.


Cuhu are part of the Orpheus team. We came to them with the vision and ideas for our app, and they executed, challenged, suggested, and improved as if it is just as important to them as to us.

- David Jay, Founder & Managing Director, Orpheus Mind Technologies