Sales Pipeline Management

Win Maestro helps users manage their sales pipeline in an organised manner so they can focus on pursuing only the best quality sales leads. The intuitive pipeline management software allows users to keep track of their teams progress and view opportunities on their personalised dashboard.

Lead Qualification

Win Maestro believes that good qualification leads to better sales. One of the main features of Win Maestro is the innovative lead qualification feature. By showing users clarity when it comes to their leads, users can view which sales are more likely to turn into prospects and which are less worthwhile pursuing. Saving time and money and focusing on what really matters, winning the best sales.

Other Features

Sales professionals can view their opportunities and tag opportunities as won or lost so they can keep track easily and improve their win chances in the future. Users can also edit their sales divisions and teams. Set sales targets and view live sales data all in one place.

Users are assigned as sales managers, directors, or professionals, each with individual logins to manage their own sales and see their targets from a personalised dashboard, allowing managers and directors to view and track team members’ progress.

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