How does the UX audit service work?

1. We get to know you and your digital product

In order to conduct a concise and thorough UX review, we like to establish your goals, challenges and customer needs. Target audiences differ and so do UX needs, doing this helps us to understand how we can help you achieve your usability goals and delight your customers.

2. We perform a full evaluation

This is where our experts begin to dismantle your digital product. We will assess your site data, analyse how users navigate your product, evaluate the consistency of your design and conduct a screen by screen UX analysis which includes annotated screenshots and explanations.

3. You receive an in depth UX review report

Once we have done a full audit, we will send you a comprehensive and structured report detailing how your app can reach its full potential. This will include advice and outlined steps on how you should tackle your UX challenges going forward, based on the evidence we found during the evaluation.

What we will review

During our evaluation, we will review numerous components of your digital product.

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