Why is design so important?

Incorporating UX, UI, user journeys and personas, it’s much more than the visual elements. Your users need to be able to use the app fluidly and be impressed by its interface. From research to prototype, our app design process brings the look and feel of your project to life with a product tailored to the needs of your customers.

Understanding UX

Have you ever had to fill out an online form and wondered why it’s asking for unnecessary details? That’s bad UX. How about finding yourself in an infinite loop of navigating screens, and you can’t get to your destination? That’s also bad UX.

UX stands for ‘user experience’, and refers to how an app feels to use. This could be the placement of buttons, navigation between screens, input fields.

Good UX could be the difference between a successful business, and a failed one. UX should be constantly reviewed, move with the trends (Tinder’s swipe feature, anyone?), and respond to customer feedback and pain points. It’s not a topic you should take lightly, either – good UX can literally increase your conversions, and increase your ROI.

Understanding UI

UI stands for ‘user interface’, and this is how your app looks. Here, we take into account the UX considerations alongside branding, industry-standard UI principles and some creative charm.

UI defines your customers’ first impressions, and we want to get your brand message across straight away.

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