What is Eco-i and COM-QR?

Eco-i is a UK-based specialist building integration company. They approached Cuhu to be their technology partner and develop their progressive web application, COM-QR.

COM-QR is an asset management application. It catalogues and details assets found in buildings, such as air conditioning units and ventilation units. A building has lots of assets and each asset has lots of information; COM-QR enables all of this information to be found quickly and displayed in a clean, simple way. Information about assets is captured and updated within the app as they are commissioned and maintained.

QR Codes

Engineers and building facilities managers have access to the app. They are able to scan QR codes which are located on assets in buildings. Upon scanning, the asset is quickly identified and the user, depending on permissions, is able to view documentation, complete commissioning/maintenance forms and log test results.

Photographic evidence

To support their work, engineers are able to take photos and attach them to reports that they are working on.


Supporting the COM-QR app is a complex portal which allows Eco-i to manage different sites, companies, products, assets and documents. It also allows them to manage app users and their permissions, including the granting of temporary permissions.