Search, discover and save local deals.

Go Local, available on Android and iOS, connects consumers with independent businesses in their local area. Users can search in the app for anything from restaurants to shops and even find interesting events happening near them.

Go Local allows users to create an account and save local brands and deals to their in-app wallet. Users can also browse local events and sign up to loyalty schemes to keep up to date with the newest deals in their area all in one useful app.


Go Local aims to provide users with the best deals off independent businesses in their area. By using Go Local, users can discover deals with a range of discounts. These can be anything from restaurant discounts, retailers, fitness and even discounts on pet care.

In-App Wallet

The in-app wallet allows users to save brands, events, deals and loyalty schemes of their choice so they don’t miss out. Users can return to their wallet at any time to see which deals are active and it will also tell them when one of their saved events has expired.

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