What is Laundrapp?

Laundrapp is the UK’s leading on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service, offering an award-winning app and unparalleled levels of quality cleaning in dozens of major towns and cities nationwide.

Where Cuhu comes in…

Cuhu was appointed as Laundrapp’s technology partner March 2020. Initially Cuhu maintained Laundrapp’s iOS and Android apps, added new functionality to the bespoke CMS and designed Laundrapp’s new website which was launched to wide acclaim during the summer. As part of the website design, Cuhu extended Laundrapp’s digital guidelines to ensure the website is accessible to the visually impaired.

With the launch of the new website, mounting technical debt and legacy code in the native Android and iOS apps, Laundrapp saw the opportunity to replace the two apps with a React Native App for both iOS and Android. Doing this would reduce the resource needed for ongoing maintenance and enable Laundrapp to drive revenue opportunities more quickly. The new app launched September 2020 after 3-months of development and provided feature parity with the existing app, plus a little more. The main features of the app are detailed below.

Vouchers & promotions

  • Powered by Laundrapp’s proprietary system Pulse

Flexible order collection and delivery

  • Variable time slots (choose between 1 or 2-hour slots, each with a different price point and set of rules)
  • Amend order up to 4-hours prior to pick-up


  • Checkout & Braintree – payment providers for bank, credit card and Paypal
  • Pre-authorised at the time the order is made
  • Processed once the items are itemised at the cleaning facility
  • Prepayment of product bundles purchased in bulk

Real-time order tracking

  • Powered by Open Door Logistics with real-time activity and notifications delivered using Sashido

Other Integrations

  • Braze – a CRM allowing customer tracking, customer segmentation and marketing (in-app messages, push notifications, etc.)
  • Zendesk – a customer care tool used for live chat and FAQs

Moving forward…

Cuhu continues to maintain the front and back end systems for Laundrapp and is helping Laundrapp develop a long term Product Roadmap to deliver some exciting new features including next day delivery and an array of dynamic products.


I've worked with the Cuhu team for over 8 months on a range of projects at Laundrapp. They've hit every challenge face-on, always finding a way to get the job done - be it server-side changes, website re-builds or developing/bug fixing our react native apps. I've been particularly grateful for their flexibility, and willingness to accommodate changing requirements, even when working with complex, legacy code.

- Fiona Mellink, Product Owner, Laundrapp