What is LinQsport?

LinQsport is a sport meetup app available on iOS devices. LinQsport builds upon the popular trend of meet-up apps. While these apps typically focus on dating and building new relationships through conversation, LinQsport takes this concept and applies it to sport and leisure activities. LinQsport allows users to create a profile detailing the sports they play and their ability level. Users can then go on to search for LinQups in their area that fit their sporting requirements or create their own LinQups.

When a user signs up to LinQsport, they will be able to view their unique dashboard. Within the dashboard, users are able to see the events they are attending, hosting as well as their historic results.

Connecting people through sport

The goal for LinQsport was to create an app that brings people together. It also aims to get people more active, with a view to meeting new people and learning new skills and sports.

If you enjoy a sport that is particularly unique it may be difficult to find people in your area who share your passion, this is where LinQsport comes in. This also applies, for example if you have moved to a new area and are looking for others who share a passion for the same sport. LinQsport aims to bring people like these together to play the sport they love and meet new people through the ease of an app.

Inbuilt features

LinQsports boasts a range of high-quality features. For example, the app takes advantage of the phones location awareness to locate available ‘LinQups’ in the user’s vicinity and recommends suitable locations for new events. Other features include:

  • An inbuilt chat feature to chat to the linQup host and other users to organise rematches
  • The ability to host LinQups
  • Approve and decline requests to join LinQups
  • GPS to show LinQups near to the user’s location
  • Push notifications


It is great to see the LinQsport app finally out on the market, being used by prominent people in sports we love. We’re feeling proud and have truly enjoyed the journey with Cuhu and the support Tristran and the team gave rolling LinQsport out.

- Leeroy Pye, Director, LinQsport