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UCVME is an online CV and job search app, available on iOS and Android. Users can search for the latest jobs and apply using their personalised UCVME CV. Combining a written CV and video, potential employers get a deeper insight into the candidate Рseeing more personality behind the applicant. Users can even submit a bespoke CV, tailored to a specific job role.

Secure storage of documents and CVs

Store all your CVs and supporting documents securely in The Vault. With gigabytes of storage to keep safe all of your promotional videos, greatest talents and various CVs and cover letters, UCVME will become the place for you to store all your materials to show off the best you.

Digital Marketing

As well as developing the UCVME application, we also supported UCVME with their digital and offline marketing. Our brief was to encourage students to sign up to the app early and receive free premium access, gather data for market research, and create a buzz around the product launch.

Social Media | Search Ads | Events | Web design

We used social media to generate a buzz around local events, and also promote early signups directly through Facebook. By using video and image Newsfeed ads, prospective users were educated on why and how to use the UCVME platform before signing up for early access. Google Search ads were used to promote the product to users who had searched for CV tools online, then they were retargeted on social.


Early Signups


Online impressions


Social engagements

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