April’s App of the Month: All Trails

19th April 2021

We might be on our way out of national lockdown, but that doesn’t mean the new love for nature that many of us have found during should now take the backseat. And with that in mind, April’s App of the Month is All Trails. Chosen by our Front End Developer, Dan Emery, it has been a great app to get him through lockdown but he’ll certainly continue to use it, even as hospitality and leisure restrictions begin to ease. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a good pub garden to visit on one of its recommended walks! 

So, what is All Trails?

All Trails is your ultimate guide to the outdoors and whether you’re looking for a casual stroll or a trek to the summit, All Trails has you covered. On the app, you can explore 200,000+ hand-curated trail maps and find the best in your area, along with reviews and photos crowdsourced from millions of hikers, bikers, and runners.  

The app opens to a map of your current location and displays the trails closest to you in thumbnail summaries; you can even zoom out to cast a wider net or to search entire cities, towns, or parks. One of the greatest things about the app is that it’ll even provide results even in the most urban areas, allowing you to find a track wherever you start from. 

Each trail listing also comes with such relevant data as length, difficulty, elevation change, and traffic level, meaning you can decide which trail to dependent on your ability, mood, or time.

Any notable features?

This app isn’t only a directory of local trails, but it also has some fantastic features such as the ability to record your adventures, turn your phone into a GPS tracker ensuring you don’t get lost, save your favourite trails, and follow others that use the app for more inspiration and trail suggestions. The user has the ability to search trails through tags such as ‘bird watching,’ ‘wild flowers,’ or even ‘wheelchair friendly’ – the app really covers a lot of bases! 

Our final thoughts…

Whether you’re looking for a mountainous hike to challenge yourself or just an easy-to-get-to spot for a socially distanced picnic, this app is fantastic. Available on Android and iOS and Dan ‘would recommend it to anyone who’s into that kind of thing.’ The app is free to download, but you can also pay a subscription to download maps offline if you fancy. Regardless, it’s a five star from Dan!

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