September’s App of the Month: Doodlar

2nd September 2020

Our UX/UI Designer, Adam, loves to spend his free time drawing with his son and he’s found an app that allows him to do so in a fun and engaging way. That app is ‘Doodlar: making drawing real,’ September’s App of the Month.

So what is ‘Doodlar: making drawing real’?

Ever imagined seeing your drawings magically rise from the paper, or watching your doodles pop off the page into real life? With Doodlar, this is all possible. All you have to do is draw on a piece of paper, or on your device’s screen and Doodlar will do the rest.

Doodlar uses machine learning to compare your drawings to thousands of others to identify what you’ve drawn and then uses augmented reality to bring them to life right in front of you. For example, if you draw a pig, up pops a pig; you can even watch it walk and hear it oink. If you draw a dog, the same goes. You can whistle at him to get his attention, or even throw him a ball to keep him happy. 

Doodlar has been built to encourage you to experiment with your drawing, to imagine different ways of drawing the same thing. It encourages creativity and lateral thinking. 

What notable features does the app have?

Every animal has its own unique interactions and hidden secrets, and every animal has heaps of interesting things to learn about them. From ecological and conservation information, all the way through to some bad dad jokes, this app is both educational and entertaining for your little ones, or even yourself. 

Doodlar is available on iOS and Android, and more importantly, free to download. The app comes with the full farm animal pack to discover and explore. The in-app shop offers a forest pack, with bears, tigers, rabbits, squirrels and owls. It also offers a savannah pack, which has lions, elephants, crocodiles, rhinos and zebras.

The final verdict?

Adam gives Doodlar a 4 star rating. He loves being able to draw simple animal shapes with his son, and believes it’s a great way of introducing him to the world of AR whilst helping him to be creative on his own. 

For a 5 star rating, Adam would prefer more animal options to be available before hitting the paywall. Here’s looking at you, Doodlar… 

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