App of the month – Culture Trip

5th September 2019

For August’s ‘App of the Month,’ we asked the rest of the team to let us know which apps they have been loving this month. Mitch introduced us to an app that he’s been obsessing over recently – Culture Trip.

Culture Trip was created in 2016 with a large budget and an even larger pool of creativity. Fast forward 3 years and this startup is gaining a large millennial following and is quickly becoming the next level TripAdvisor.

What’s different about Culture Trip?

Culture trip is very visual-heavy. Unlike TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet which are generally very wordy, Culture Trip consists more of entertainment and video sharing of real-life travel experiences, inspiring others to immerse themselves in the culture of their chosen destination. 
There are no reviews and no negativity in this app, if a place is bad, it just won’t be mentioned. Content is added by freelance writers, editors, photographers and other creatives in the area that Culture Trip promotes to add content to their app.

What’s great about it?

When you hit the landing page you are prompted to search for a city. Let’s take Lisbon for example, you will see a whole list of blogs offering recommendations enhanced by perfect Instagram-esque pictures. What’s great is that the blogs are genuinely interesting and helpful for anybody who is planning a trip to that city. Not just your generic ‘Top ten things to do in Lisbon’ blogs, but in-depth articles about delicious restaurants and quirky places frequented by locals. Some examples include, ‘A walking tour of Lisbon’s Street Art’ and ‘The 10 Coolest Neighbourhoods in Lisbon’. Some blogs even help you make the most of a weekend break with content such as ‘Lisbon in 48 hours’ – a blog from a fellow holidaymaker documenting his amazing 48 hours in the city.

The app allows you to filter searches by genres such as ‘Guides and Tips’, ‘Food and Drink’, but one of the best features has got to be the ‘Wishlist’ area in your profile. The wishlist allows you to download articles and videos offline, categorise them and save for later. Meaning you won’t lose the article when you reach your holiday destination.

Why should Culture Trip be the app of the month?

The great thing about Culture Trip is that it feels modern. Other apps that have the same offering seem to be quite limited on the content they provide and sometimes can come off quite sales orientated with links to hotels and deals, whereas culture trip is just about informing its travellers with good advice to make the most of their travels. It’s fresh and interesting and also helpful if you’re lost in a new city! It’s also gained a lot of users over the past year and has been featured in numerous articles for Forbes, so it’s definitely an app to give a try the next time you head to a new city.

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