Native iOS & Android

Go Local connects consumers with independent businesses in their local area. Users can search in the app for anything from restaurants to shops and even find interesting events happening near them.

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Web, iOS and Android

UCVME is an online CV and job search app, available on iOS, Android and web. Targeted at a younger audience, its aim is to allow users to apply for jobs in a more modern way, sending potential employers video CVs and a link to a tailored UCVME profile, giving more depth to their application than just a traditional written CV.

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Win Maestro allows sales teams, big or small, to manage their sales through an online sales management tool. Users have the ability to customise sales teams, set targets and qualify leads more robustly in one place.

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Progressive Web App

Orpheus is an app that uses customised audio tracks to help users switch off their negative emotions. Different modules are catered to different anxieties, addictions and negative emotions.

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Integrity Action
Native Android

Integrity Action commissioned an app to be created that helps donors see the impact of their funds in overseas communities. Built using Kotlin for Android, the client required an app for use primarily on a mid-range, Asian-made handset.

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